5 Things You Should Never Do While Wearing Jewelry

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016 at 10:08 am by Allysa

Let's face it, who doesn't love wearing jewelry? From rings to bracelets, earrings to necklaces, beautiful jewelry just begs to be warn! We totally support that and want you to wear all of your fabulous Wade Designs pieces all the time...except for these few instances:

Applying Lotion/Hairspray: Lotion and other beauty products easily build up and can dull the stones in your jewelry. Be sure to apply lotion and other beauty products before putting your jewelry on. Hairspray is another danger as a noticable film can build up over time which can dull the brightness of the stones and metal.

Swim: Never, and we repeat, never wear your jewelry while swimming in the ocean, lake, or pool. Cooler water can cause your fingers to shrink making it easier for your rings to slip off.  Earrings with loose backings are also prone to falling off while out in the water. Prolonged exposure to chemicals found in a pool such as chlorine can also cause damage. We recommend leaving your jewelry in a safe place at home before going out so all of your pieces remain in pristine condition. 

Go To The Beach: Similar to swimming, it is important to take your jewelry off before you head out to the beach. Sand is pesky and hard to completely get rid of, not to mention how abrasive it can be to your delicate jewelry. Losing or damaging a treasured piece of jewelry is a sure way to ruin a fun day at the beach.

Do The Dishes: Harsh chemicals and soaps can discolor your stones and in some cases damage your metal. This is also a time where any loose stones have the potential of falling out and getting washed away forever. Though stones can be replaced and metals can be refinished, it's much easier to quickly remove your jewelry before washing dishes.

Exercise: This sort of physical activity can prove to be quite harsh on your jewelry. Sweat can build up over time and dull the look of your jewelry if not cleaned frequently. To avoid breaks, splits, cracks, loss of stones, or worse, the whole piece we suggest leaving them on the sidelines.

If you have done any of the things listed above and haven't had your jewelry professionally inspected and cleaned, we recommend stopping by our shop for a complementary jewelry check and clean. We are open Monday through Friday 10am-5pm.