Even grownups need wish lists!

Posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 1:47 pm by Chalea

If there is one thing that has single handedly made our business successful it would be the little things we do in order to remember exactly what our customers love. We use our point of sale system to make sure that when a customer tells us they love a particular stone or piece of jewelry we have the ability to write it down. 

The easiest way for us to help your friends, family, or significant other is if you make a point to create a wish list. This wish list can be for you if you are sometimes forgetful and want to easily be able to access pieces you have picked out, or it is great when we are helping someone pick out a gift for you. 

During the holiday season the employees at Wade Designs & Bliss turn into well dressed Elves. We make a point to be very meticulous when helping customers to ensure that we know exactly what they are wanting this holiday season. Making your wish list will make it easier for us as well as the people that are purchasing for you. It ensures that you are going to receive something we know you will love, but also if you have more than one piece on your list it means there is still the possibility of surprise. 

We want to make sure that you receive the most impeccable customer service. Wish lists are created and special occasions are written down so we have the ability to treat you and help your friends and family pick perfect gifts for you. 

We are so excited that we now have this beautiful website with great jewelry on it. You can now use our website and create your wish list. Along with creating a wish list, you can also email pieces of jewelry that are your favorite as well as share them online. 

If you need help please stop in the store and we would love to be able to update or create a wish list for you! 

Happy Shopping, 

Chalea Wade