Gem Show Recap

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 3:30 pm by Chalea

I wanted to recap on our first ever Gem Show event in Rocky Mount that took place last week. What an incredible turn out we had!


Because it was so incredible we decided we wanted to extend it a few more days for Valentine’s Day. Our Gem Show will end on Saturday, February 9th.


I was so blown away by the success we had in our first year of throwing this event. We put out thousands of stones small to large for people to sift through and look at. We priced them at low prices and were able to custom make so many beautiful pieces of jewelry for our customers. I personally had such an amazing time coming up with new and unique ideas with stones my customers picked out! From sapphire and aqua marine rings, to perfect stud earrings for a granddaughter, we were kept busy designing new pieces! John Wade has such a talent when it comes to helping people create pieces of jewelry that will one day be passed down generation to generation. He makes sure to continue to create pieces that no one has ever seen or worn, or add a custom touch of hand engraving to a shank to give it a antique look. We are so excited to start planning next years Gem Show event and hope that it has just as much success as the first. We want to personally thank everyone who came in during this event. We truly are blessed to have such an amazing group of customers.


I hope to continue to help each of you create new pieces that you can cherish for life times to come!


Chalea Wade