Is BIGGER even better when purchasing a diamond?

Posted on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 12:45 pm by Chalea

Recently I recorded a radio ad for our next buying trip to Antwerp Belgium. The first line of my ad is my favorite. 

 "Men, don't let your girlfriends fool you, when it comes to diamonds... SIZE MATTERS."

 Now, this statement can be a little contradictory because the size of a diamond is not all that really matters. I recently posted on Facebook, “Would you rather have a medium whiter stone with fewer inclusions or a larger stone that is yellow in color with inclusions you can see with the naked eye?"  Two girls messaged me back and they both were adamant that they would rather have a whiter stone with better quality that is a little smaller than a bigger stone with lesser than pretty inclusions and color. 

Something else to think about when picking your diamond is what are you going to set it in? Notice in the picture I have posted here that a few of the settings have what we call a halo center. This means the center diamond is surrounded by many smaller diamonds to give it a bigger and flashier look. Instead of getting a larger diamond, why wouldn't you find something higher in all the 4 C categories, and set it in something that will compliment it nicely, like a halo mounting.


In conclusion, everyone has their own opinion on what they are wanting, especially when you factor in their budget. I hope to be able to find you something that you will not regret purchasing in 20 years. At Wade Designs we know quality, and also are very educated in the diamond department. We travel to Antwerp, Belgium twice a year because we love to be able to offer our customers the best service and quality possible. We fly there and meet individually with our diamond suppliers. We hand select from thousands of different shapes, sizes, and qualities. We have the ability to see firsthand what we are getting for you and 99% of the time we are able to find it with a better price.

Let us help you pick out the most fabulous diamond, with all 4 C’s in mind.  


Ill leave you with a few pictures from my last buying trip to Europe.