Put a Toggle On It!

Posted on Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 12:47 pm by Rita

Toggle Necklace

The Story of the Toggle... Almost a decade ago, I will never forget the day John and I were talking about a pearl necklace that he had given me and how much trouble I was having putting it on.   I loved pearls and for many ladies it is a staple piece in our wardrobe.  We have all grown to believe that we can never have too many pearls.  For every size, every length and for every outfit... they always make us look beautiful.  I commented to John, "Now if we could just make clasp that was functional."  We discussed many types of clasps and looked through various catalogs to find something that would make me wear my pearls more.  We came across the perfect solution with the exception that it seemed plain and clunky looking.  It was a plain sterling silver toggle that was lightweight and just not a match.  It was then that John suggested that he create his own toggle and put some type of stones or engraving on it.  After many sketches we created the Toggle.  This beautiful hand engraved piece is now made in three sizes.  We have used the toggle on bracelets and necklaces, it has become the foundation of every sale to every man that would allow us to make our presentation.  It is made in every length and it is custom made with using your own pearls to re-purpose a strand you already have.  It is made in all metals and can feature almost any stone.  It allows for the pearson wearing a double strand to turn it into a single with a pendant in the front.  It can hold a variety of pendants that have our Signature enhancer bail on it and as rule of thumb... if you are going on vacation... you will only need to take one piece of jewelry and a few of the pendants and you can have a new look with every single outfit.  The John Wade Toggle may have been the greatest timeless design we have every created.